My debut novel, Keep Her Safe, is out now!

Hi everyone!

THANK YOU to everyone who has read and reviewed Keep Her Safe so far. Reviews mean everything to an author!

You can order Keep Her Safe through this link…

How far would you go to protect your daughter?

A mother is gripped by fear as her daughter approaches adulthood, in this novel of attachments anxieties and buried secrets.

Like most mothers, Catherine would slip into her sleeping newborn’s room, listening to make sure her baby was still breathing, still alive. Now her daughter is eighteen; however, CatherineCatherine continues to check on her at night. She can’t help herself – the intrusive thoughts rise up again and again and anxiety grips her, keeping her awake.

Soon Anya is leaving for university, but any excitement Catherine might feel for her daughter is drowned out by terror. Cleaning out her mother’s dusty, decrepit house, visiting her mentally deteriorating father at his care home, and supporting a bereaved woman at work only stirs up more emotional stress. Soon, her behaviour is out of control.

But while Catherine obsesses, she does not see the dangers in front of her – and both mother and daughter will be forced to deal with the painful truths that are keeping them trapped.

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