A Monster Ate My Mum


Ebook Reviews
‘From my perspective as a parent with mental health issues, this hits all the right notes.’

‘It is a great starting point to an open conversation between a mum and child who are in this situation.’

‘This reassuring book is a gentle yet moving look at depression, seen through the eyes of a bewildered child.’

‘It will be a great tool in helping to develop a child’s emotional intelligence.’

‘A delightful, endearing tale of how a young boy navigates the path of his Mum’s inner battle with postnatal depression. It speaks volumes of the loss and despair that occurs, not just from the perspective of the adult, but that of the child.
The joy and beauty of the tale is that of hope. Her smiles, laugh and spark will be returned to her and that she will get better. More importantly, that it wasn’t the child that had made her feel this way.
It would be such a gift to see this enriching tale made available to all women who experience the devastation of low mood, anxiety and depression within the perinatal period.
I for one recommend it wholeheartedly.’
Claire Murphy
Group Leader – Butterflies PND Support Group

Paperback Reviews
‘I’d like to thank Jen for writing this hugely important book.’

‘This is something so truly special, something that someone has gifted I feel, to those parents who have had post natal depression.’

‘It’s a really clear and simple to understand book, which flows very easily thanks to the rhyming words Jen uses.’

‘I would love to see this book in all settings, children’s centres, schools, nurseries and in homes up and down the country.’

‘I would say this book tackles a personal and often devastating subject very well.’

‘This is a brilliant book for children who have a parent struggling with depression.’

‘It’s an amazingly therapeutic effect, drawing open a mother’s mind to see PND from the perspective of those around her – from personal experience this can be a huge motivational tool to encourage change as well as the active pursuit of help.’

‘I view A Monster Ate My Mum as a useful tool in tackling PND.’

‘Little L loved the book, she continued to ask questions throughout which is always a good thing as it shows she’s listening and taking it in.’