Week Eleven – them and us.

Week eleven – them and us.  A lot has happened this week, both outside of my home and in it. Inside the house both my eighteen year old and my eleven year old fell down the stairs, which warranted another necessary trip out for the house, this time to the local minor injuries unit. Thankfully Read More

Week Seven – urgh.

How, how, how, HOW is it Thursday again already? I mean, when I look back over the past seven days, last Thursday seems like an age ago (ahh the sunshine!) but then it also feels as though I’ve blinked and here I am again writing another blog post during this fucking pandemic.  This week hasn’t Read More

Week six – acceptance

Thursday has somewhat snuck up on me this week. I have no idea where the time is going or how it is going by so fast, and yet it is. Time flies when you’re having fun, right? Does that mean I’m having fun? Finally enjoying this time? Partly, yes I think I am. Or at Read More

Week Five – meh.

Week Five – meh Five bloody weeks. To be honest, for some reason, I’m a little flat this week. Last Sunday was without doubt the highlight of the last seven days. Finally my eighteen year-old daughter made it home safely. I am in awe of the way she self isolated for fourteen whole days, alone. Read More

Week Four – cabin fever sets in.

Week four – cabin fever sets in.  Four weeks of shielding. Four whole weeks. That’s a long time to not leave your house when you’re used to being busy. Cabin fever set in this week. I didn’t know that was an actual thing, I thought it was a flippant phrase people used. But no. It’s Read More

Week Three – and so it continues.

Hello again. How are you? It’s all getting a bit real and stressful now, right? But you’re all staying at home and saving yourselves, others and the NHS, right? (Unless you are a key worker, obvs. And if you are THANK YOU!) Yes, Jen, you say.  Good.  This week, our third at home, has dragged Read More

Week Two. Shielding.

Hello again! How are you? It’s fair to say week two in isolation hasn’t been as Mary Poppins-esq as week one, but I’ve still learnt a lot and several people have asked for me to carry on writing these posts weekly pointing out, quite rightly, that this helps me too.  Last week, I’m not ashamed Read More